H2AID for Hunger


H2AID for Hunger


There are over 1 billion people worldwide suffering from hunger.


One billion.


Most of us can't even imagine what one billion people looks like.


To put it in perspective, 1 out of every 6 human beings on Earth is chronically hungry, one third of the world's children are underweight, and 24000 people will die today as a result of hunger, the same as yesterday, and the same as tomorrow.


The good news is that we can still change this.


How you can make a difference.


When you purchase a bottle of H2AID for Hunger, you are choosing to join the fight to end world hunger. You are choosing to support your belief that world hunger is unacceptable, and that we all have the power to change it.


Through our partnership with CPAR, H2AID Inc. will donate 50% of all profits towards international food programs working to eradicate world hunger. Your support will go directly to efforts focused on addressing the current food crisis that is plaguing so many countries and communities worldwide. In addition to providing food for the hungry, you are also helping to provide the tools and education necessary to help improve farming techniques, agricultural infrastructure, and access to fair trade for overall long term self-sustainability.


The solution to world hunger is not a quick fix. It requires both immediate relief of critical food shortages, as well as long term development of programs aimed to gradually decrease dependence on external aid and increase emphasis on self-reliance.


With your help, we can get there.


Together, let's plant the seeds today that will grow into a tomorrow free of world hunger.


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